How to eat pasta like an Italian

Pasta is a traditional Italian cuisine and is richly referenced in their literature to as early as 1200's. Italians are known to have mastered how to prepare and eat pasta. In the early days, pasta was made by hand compared to today where machines are used in making pasta. People from different cultures today try out new foods and pasta is definitely one of the favorite dishes across the globe. However, to completely enjoy our pasta meal one must eat it like an Italian. How does one eat pasta gracefully like an Italian? Below are some helpful tips on how to eat like an Italian.

how to eat pasta like an italian

Use the right sauce

Certain sauces are for certain pasta and this is the mistake most people make. The thickness and length of pasta heavily dictate the type of sauce that will go with it. A smooth sauce eases the difficulty of using a fork while eating pasta. Many people make the mistake of adding large chunks of meat into their sauce which makes it tough to enjoy your pasta. Make sure you research on which sauce best accompanies your chosen pasta recipe. For instance, the length of your spaghetti will dictate which soup should accompany the dish.

Tenderize the meat going into the sauce and cut into fine pieces. You can look up on various meat softening techniques and you want to enjoy your pasta.

Use a fork

Pasta is traditionally eaten using a fork. Whereas many are accustomed to using other cutleries in our culture, Italians emphasize on the use of a fork. Over the centuries. Italians found out that it is easier to eat using one fork and this is what guides them in preparing pasta. Dip the fork perpendicularly into the pasta, then swirled in a clockwise manner. Be sure not to swirl too much pasta onto the fork and the each. Swirling the pasta ensures that we soak it with the right amount of sauce and which makes the dish enjoyable. Many people who are not accustomed to using forks will use a spoon or use the fork as a spoon which is not advised.

Spoons take up too much sauce and make the pasta soggy ruining your experience.

italian pasta

Take small bites at a time

Taking small swirls and bites is the Italian way. We have been used to swirling a large portion of the pasta which is quite barbaric. Since it is Italy's staple food, Italians have developed a technique of taking small bites and enjoying their pasta. American movies seem to endorse the swirling of the entire plate which can end up choking you. Pasta is tender and this leads many to load up their fork with as much pasta as they can. Take a small swirl and enjoy each bite. Avoid eating like you are in a competition to clear your plate. Enjoy your pasta by eating it gracefully and slowly. Breaking your spaghetti into small sizes will help you get accustomed to eating pasta gracefully. Ensure that your sauce does not have large chunks of meat to avoid getting choked.

Do not slurp

Slurping is a common mistake that we make. By swirling a lot of pasta onto our forks we strain ourselves by forcing it into our mouths. Pasta is long and this makes eating it tough. We end up slurping the entire plate which is quite gross. If you have swirled the right amount of pasta on your fork then slurping will be the last thing you do. You can look for various swirling techniques and you will soon discover that eating pasta is not that tough. A pasta maker can help in cutting your pasta in the right way and size which will, in the long run, help you avoid slurping. Slurping is a messy way of eating pasta as this causes the sauce to stain your clothes.

Know when to add cheese

Adding cheese at the right time into your pasta makes it stick better. In Italy, it is common knowledge to add cheese just before you add sauce. Cheese adds flavor and is highly nutritious. The right combination of cheese and sauce helps brings out the best out of your pasta. The burst of flavors will make you fall in love with pasta. Cheese is not ideal for all sauces and one has to be careful when putting it. Wrong cheese can destroy the flavor of the pasta sauce, ruining your experience. A good example can be demonstrated by adding cheese to fish sauce which ruins the flavors. Various recipes will direct you whether to add cheese or just avoid it altogether.

Salad goes last Eating salad together with pasta is another common mistake. This ruins the dish by destroying the flavor of the food. Pasta is taken as the main course and not the appetizer. Many people tend to mix everything together which is not advisable at all. Pasta should be eaten with sauce and then take your salad last. The main reason we include salad is to balance the meal. Pasta is largely starch and eating salad introduces minerals and fiber into your food. You can use any salad recipe since we never mix it with the pasta. Greens are added to your soup to make it as healthy as possible.


Serve pasta while hot because it forms chunks when cold. Plates are the ideal way of serving pasta because they give one enough room to swirl their pasta. If you love experimenting you can get yourself a pasta maker and try making your own pasta. There are many pasta recipes available and going to the store each time for a specific type pasta might prove to be expensive. It is advisable to buy a pasta maker and explore Italian cuisines. You can surprise your loved ones with your amazing kitchen skills and help them familiarize with the Italian culture. Pasta is easy and quick to make and you can try taking it with your local soups. Italians have a long history with pasta which broadens the amount of recipes that you can find. Their recipes are available on the Internet and try having fun while taking your pasta.


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